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Nike Paranorman Nike Foamposite One

by on Feb.25, 2013, under Archive

The Paranorman craze last year was one of the biggest shoe events of 2012, partly due to how limited of a release it was for the sneaker.  Nike is potentially opening the release up some more, albeit with a slightly different sneaker.  The pics seen here of this latest Paranorman still use a Foamposite base, but the colorway is slightly different, and the movie patches/insignia is removed.

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LeBron X Paranorman Custom

by on Feb.07, 2013, under Archive

Nike LeBron X "ParaNorman" Custom

It’s been awhile since we heard anything on the brief Paranorman craze, but now through the custom maker Chef of GourmetKickz we get a LeBron X custom with the style. The trademark misty green hues are present, with a dash of electric in the soles and laces. More pics after the cut.

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Custom Nike Air Raid II Paranorman

by on Oct.02, 2012, under Archive


Cool story from Nike’s blog today, on the power of Phil Knight.  Apparently Phil liked the infamous Paranorman look, but wanted them on the Nike Air Raid II.  Naturally, Nike went ahead and did this, but specifically, only for their founder.  A couple more pairs were produced for the designers as a thank you from Mr. Knight, but that’s it.  If you see these up on eBay, something tells me they aren’t the real deal…

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Paranormans: How much would you pay?

by on Sep.28, 2012, under Archive

Now that the contest Nike was running to get the Paranorman Foamposites has ended, we’re curious – just how much would you pay to get a pair of these?

With no way to buy them other than secondary market, we’ve seen the cost on these be astronomical.  Checking out eBay right now, there are pairs going for as high as $6,000.00.

Although we’re fans of the shoe here, is that price (or even close to that) worth it?  Or would you use that cash for several pairs of something else?  We’re curious, so let us know.  Leave a comment, or send us a tweet.

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Custom Lebron 9′s “ParaNorman”

by on Aug.23, 2012, under Archive

The ParaNorman craze is expanding, with SmoothTip creating a custom version of the LeBron 9 Dunkman’s in the green smoke look.  Nike has made twitter explode with “weird” pictures thanks to its contest, and now we’re seeing off-shoots of the style.  Any guesses on what’s next?

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Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman Contest Announced

by on Aug.20, 2012, under Archive

Nike’s latest release info on a special Foamposite is sure to make many collectors happy – they’re giving away every pair they make of the “Nike Air Foamposite One ParaNorman” editions.

Tying in with the animated movie, the “ParaNorman” style is a unique look for the Foamposite line, with a smoky green hue rising out from the soles, with a back base.  Pull tabs are customized with “Weird” and “Wins”, and there is a silhouette of the movie’s main character spotted on the back of the left shoe.

Only 800 pairs being made, Nike is giving all of them away through a daily contest on Twitter.  To enter, you simply follow @ParaNorman, tweet at the account a picture of you as a kid being weird, and make sure to use the hash tag “#weirdwins ParaNorman Foamposites.  If you don’t win that day, you can just use the same pic (or a new one) each day of the contest.

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